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Our Mobile Service and InBody 570 hire, provides gyms, clubs, homes, businesses or individuals the most motivational tool ever created to test for fat loss and muscle development.  "Weight loss" is the past...

Body Composition Control is the future.


It's time to move on from using bathroom scales - They only provide scale weight. The human body is much more than that. We are made of muscle, water, minerals and fat, constantly changing througout the day. Don't let these natural fluctuations destroy  motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Don't believe that progress isn't being made just because the scale weight is the same.


If you were trying to lose 'weight', how could you possibly tell if it's body fat or healthy muscle and water? Old fashioned methods can't give you this information....the InBody 570 can!

Isn't it time to take the guesswork out of health and fitness?

The InBody 570

Body Composition Analyser

A non-intrusive, fast and reliable way of tracking:

  • Skeletal muscle mass
  • Body fat as a total and %
  • Visceral fat (around your organs)
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Bone mineral content
  • Total body water
  • Comparitive size of each limb
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Fat control targets
  • Muscle control targets

Plus much more...

Inbody 570 used by Melbourne Body Composition Analysis

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Stop Guessing...Start Assessing

What our clients are saying


"So easy, so accurate, so helpful..

Now I have a great way to measure

my gains."


Travis F.




"Can't recommend these guys highly enough

for body composition progress analysis.  Takes

all the guesswork out of it and in 5-10 min

everything is explained clearly and professionally...

GREAT service and I always recommend this for

my clients."



(The Fit Train Melbourne)

"MBCA provide the most comprehensive service.  

After my scan I knew I had to get help & their

Platinum Club was just the support I needed.  

12kg of fat down and and muscle mass up and most

importantly no restrictive dieting.  Thanks guys. This

is the best I've ever felt in my life"




"Having regular scans definitely helps me measure

my fitness throughout my pre season training and 

throughout the game season.  I can measure if I'm

gaining muscle and losing fat and tailor my training

around my goals, giving me an edge with my on-field



Jason P.


"Fantastic service. Very knowledgeable.   Thanks MBCA

for taking the guesswork out of my training progress"


Paul D.






"I have learnt so much through the Platinum Club.  

No longer do I yo-yo diet. I now live a healthy lifestyle

and have energy to run around with my son.  My jeans fit

better too!  Life couldn't be better.  If you are sick of dieting

and getting nowhere, do yourself a favour and speak to

Jocelyn at Melbourne Body Composition Analysis"


Dianne A


"I've tried other body composition analysis series, but

MBCA offer so much more.  Assessing my results online

means I don't have to place my print outs side by side

next to each other to compare changes.  Thank you MBCA."


Brian S.

(Mt Waverley)



"Melbourne Body Composition Analysis are the best! 

The service, explanation and guidance given to me to

improve my body composition and overall health goes

above and beyond.  I don't know where I would be without



Karen S.



"The Inbody 570 is the best body composition analyser

available and Melbourne Body Composition are the

BEST in the business.  Hands down!"