Deconstructed Sushi Recipe

Deconstructed Sushi Recipe

deconstructed sushi recipe

This deconstructed sushi recipe is very adaptable. Below are the ingredients I used on this occasion for lunch to share with two family members. The serving size of this can be for 2-3 people depending on what calories you are consuming. (My servings are just an estimate so please adjust to your requirements) If you are making larger quantities I recommend using larger pouch packs of the pre cooked rice. Of course you can cook your own rice but I love these pouches to save time. I really love the brown rice and quinoa packs from Aldi too. Make it your own with some of my ideas below. This recipe is so easy my kids make it!


Jill Sherrin - Bookings Coordinator & Office Administrator/Home Cook


Brown Rice Cups x 2 (Pre cooked)

Yaki Nori Sheets x 2 (add more if you like)

Spring Onions 1-2

Carrot x 1

Red Capsicum x 1

Tuna in Springwater 185g tin drained

Avacado x 1


Tamari 1/8 cup

Rice Wine Vinegar 1/8 cup

Water 1/4 cup


1) First tip the rice into a bowl and microwave for 40 seconds. Larger quantities may need longer. This is just to soften the rice. Leave to cool and prep the remaining ingredients.

2) For this recipe I diced one spring onion, half a red capsicum, half an avacado and used a peeler to do shavings of carrot. Adjust the quantities if you want more.

3) Drain the tuna and use a fork to break it up.

4) Combine all the chopped ingredients and the tuna into the rice and mix through. Take 2-3 nori sheets and crush them in your hands over the mixture and mix through.

5) Combine the ingredients for the dressing in a small jug. I recommend gradually adding the dressing and tasting it to your liking. I used about half but you may need more if you have increased the volume of ingredients. Keep the dressing aside if anyone wishes to add that little bit extra.


1) Try different proteins such as chicken, salmon or tofu if you prefer a vegetarian option.

2) Add a little bit of kewpie mayonnaise as an added dressing. (Not as healthy but so yummy)