InBody Scanner Hire - Melbourne & Country Vic

Rent an InBody 570 and provide body composition scans at your:

  • Gym
  • Personal Training Studio
  • Business
  • Sports Club

Hire an InBody 570 body scanner today!

Inbody scanners are a quick and easy way to get an accurate analysis of your body composition. The Inbody 570 is available for long and short term hire from Melbourne Body Composition Analysis.

Our qualified staff will set up the equipment and provide you with instruction on how to use it. The Inbody 570 uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to measures your body fat, muscle mass, and water content. The Inbody 570 is a reliable and accurate tool that can help track progress and make informed decisions about fitness and diet.

Contact Melbourne Body Composition Analysis today to enquire about hiring an Inbody scanner for your gym, studio, club or workplace.

6 Great Reasons to Hire an InBody Scanner

Low Hire Costs

The InBody 570 hire is very affordable and depending on how you wish to use it at your location, could cost you absolutely nothing. You could even make a profit.  See FAQ's below for more info.

Modern Tech

Body Scans that can accurately measure muscle gain and fat loss.  If your clients are working hard and making great progress with their health and it to them.

Client Motivation

Body scans provide the perfect tool to see if an exercise or diet plan is working.  Don't let unchanging scale weight kill motivation when great progress is actually being made.

Easy To Use

The InBody 570 is an easy to use body fat and muscle measuring tool that doesn't require any advanced training.  We will show you how to operate the equipment and explain the results to your clients.

Free SetUp

All equipment is brought to you and set up ready to go.  We provide the InBody 570, Stadiometer (to measure height), printer and a cabinet.  We also provide Explanation Booklets and hygiene wipes.

A1 Support

Reliable customer support should you or your clients have any questions.  We're here to help and only a phone call away.

Short & Long Term InBody Scanner Hire Available

Printed Results

Fat scans studio

The results are printed immediately and your clients/staff receive a comprehensive 12 page explanation guide to help understand the InBody scan results in detail.

Online Results

inbody app

Every body scan conducted on one of our InBody scanners is available for clients to review on their desktop, tablet or mobile device via our custom built MyBodyResults Web App.  A fantastic way to view the progress from scan to scan.

Challenge Reports

body composition scan

Our body scan machine hire service includes a FREE professional Challenge Report service at the end of your 6-12 week fitness/weight loss challenge. Let us do all the number crunching!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Jocelyn and the team are extremely professional and very accommodating and work in with you. Love getting my scan then studying the report." - Tracey B.