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Our Body Scan Services

Short & Long Term InBody 570 Hire

We offer short term and long term hire of the InBody 570 body scan kits. All kits are delivered and set up ready for body composition scanning at your gym, studio, club or office.

Get a Body Scan - Visit Our Studio

Get a more accurate picture of your health with an Inbody 770 body scan in our Rowville studio. Learn more about how it can help you reach your fitness goals.

The Body Composition Scan Experience

We take pride in providing the highest level of customer service possible using the most advanced and convenient technology available for our body composition scans.

✔︎  A Body Scan take less than one minute

✔︎  Only shoes & socks need to be removed

✔︎  A4 results sheet printed immediately

✔︎  12 page explanation booklet included

✔︎  Results available on our MyBodyResults Web App

✔︎  Professionally presented Challenge results

✔︎  Strict data and personal information privacy

 No touching, pinching, prodding or grabbing required

 No undressing needed

 No confusion over what the results mean

 Results not influenced by Age or Gender (Empirical Data)

✘  No lying down required or exposure to any radiation

✘  No selling personal data or email addresses to 3rd parties

✘  No upsell to supplements, gym memberships or diet programs

What Are The Benefits of Body Composition Scans?

We Use The Best Technology:

Melbourne Body Composition Analysis chooses to use the InBody 570 body scanning machine for our hire service and the InBody 770 in our Body Scan studio due to their accuracy and reliability.  The InBody body composition scanning equipment uses the latest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology which is safe to use and provides accurate results.

 BIA Is More Accurate Than Old Fashioned Methods: 

It's time to move forward from using old fashioned methods such as the Body Mass Index (BMI), Skin Fold Callipers and the bathroom scales as measures of progress in fitness and health. BMI and bathroom scales rely solely on your weight and cannot distinguish between muscle, fat, water or bone, rendering them of little more value than a very rough guide at best. Skin Fold Callipers cannot measure Visceral Fat (toxic fat around your organs), only body fat under the skin (Subcutaneous Fat).

Our Body Composition Scans are Non-Invasive:

The InBody 570 and 770 body scan machine provide a non-invasive, fast and precise tool for gathering data allowing health and fitness progress to be tracked like never before. No touching, no prodding, no radiation.

Body Scans are Motivational:

A body composition test will provide you, not only with metrics on your muscle and fat levels but also provide fat and muscle control targets and your ideal weight. If you've been working hard in the gym and manage to build one kg of muscle and lose one kg of body fat at the same time, this will show up as no change on regular scales. However a body composition scan will reveal the true progress that you have made.

What Our Clients Say

The process was excellent and explanation of results high quality. I look forward to session two in 6 months time. Neil J

Neil Jamieson Avatar Neil Jamieson
May 23, 2023

A must do if you want a different perspective on what's happening with your body. If you're into fitness or just want to know where your body is at I highly recommend this. Jocelyn was great and really knows her stuff.

Brad Johnson Avatar Brad Johnson
May 9, 2023

Quick and easy method to get comprehesive report which then Jocelyn explains what the details mean. Went in my lunch break. I appreciated how quick the appointment was and her succinct explanation.

Priscilla Hetherton Avatar Priscilla Hetherton
April 12, 2023

I was nervous heading in but Jocelyn is so friendly and professional. Very knowledgeable and helped me on understanding every part of the data. Heading back there again later this year. Highly recommend.

Pierre Douvartzides Avatar Pierre Douvartzides
January 4, 2023

Our Body Composition Scans Provide The Following Metrics

✔︎ Skeletal Muscle Mass

✔︎  Body Fat Mass (kg)

✔︎ Body Fat Percentage (%)

✔︎  Visceral Fat Level

✔︎  Basal Metabolic Rate

✔︎  InBody Score

✔︎  Muscle Control targets

✔︎  Fat Control Targets

✔︎  Segmental Lean Analysis

✔︎  Phase Angle

✔︎  Fat Mass Index

✔︎  Body Water Analysis

✔︎  Bone Mineral Content

✔︎  Muscle Imbalances

✔︎  Total Body Water

✔︎  Ideal Weight

✔︎  Segmental Fat Analysis

✔︎  Waist to Hip Ratio

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Check Your Body Composition Scan Progress on our Web App.

All InBody 570 & 770 body composition scan results are available to view on our custom made MyBodyResults Web App enabling simple yet detailed comparisons between body scans to check on your progress.

Body Composition Scans - Explanation Video

Watch the video below for an in depth Inbody 570 results explanation of your body composition scan results.