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InBody Scans Are A Great Way To Monitor Your Health & Fitness

At Melbourne Body Composition, we use InBody scans to help our clients track their progress and achieve their goals. The InBody 770 is our main InBody scanner, but we also have the InBody 570 available.

Both body scanners are highly accurate and provide detailed information about body composition, including muscle mass, fat mass, and water content.

In addition to tracking progress over time, the InBody scans can also identify imbalances or areas of concern. For example, if a client has high body fat levels but low muscle mass levels, this may indicate that they need to focus on strength training.

Ultimately, InBody scans are a valuable tool that can help our clients to reach their fitness goals.

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What Our Customers Think Of Our InBody Scans

Based on 123 reviews
Reece Pater
Reece Pater
Had an appointment with Andrew. He did a good job explaining the results. The experience was quick but worth while if you are interested in a deeper look at your body composition. Will be booking again to track my progress.
Savvy Thapar
Savvy Thapar
Fantastic services. All questions were well answered on every visit which had helped me and my husband for goal setting with our fitness and healthy well being.
Rita Cincotta
Rita Cincotta
So informative! Jocelyn provided a very in-depth debrief which helped me understand my data. Highly recommend!
Meera Shah
Meera Shah
Fantastic information, very thorough, takes the time for you to understand every measurement and what it means. Will definitely be returning to keep tracking health progression.
Tyson Beattie
Tyson Beattie
Really informative, well worth it if you're training and want a detailed way to track your results and set goals.
Michelle Game
Michelle Game
Excellent info from my body scan. Highly recommended.
Elizabeth Pardoe
Elizabeth Pardoe
Excellent service Joycelyn was lovely and knowledgeable. Report comprehensive Well worth the visit and would highly recommend Thank you.

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What Information Do InBody Scans Provide?

The InBody 770 scans provide an enormous wealth of information provided in a 2 page printout.  We also provide a detailed 12 page take home interpretation guide of your body scans for all our clients.

✔︎ Body Fat Mass
✔︎ Skeletal Muscle Mass
✔︎ Body Fat Percentage
✔︎ Visceral Fat Area
✔︎ Basal Metabolic Rate
✔︎ Body Composition Score
✔︎ Muscle Control Targets
✔︎ Fat Control Targets
✔︎ Ideal Weight
✔︎ Segmental Lean Analysis
✔︎ Body Water Analysis
✔︎ Soft Lean Mass
✔︎ Bone Mineral Content
✔︎ Muscle Imbalances
✔︎ Total Body Water
✔︎ Segmental Water Analysis
✔︎ Segmental Fat Analysis
✔︎ Fat Mass Index
✔︎ Phase Angle
✔︎ Waist to Hip Ratio
✔︎ Fat Free Mass Index
✔︎ Blood Pressure

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InBody Scan Gift Certificates

3 x Scan Pass - $149

Valid for 3 x studio body composition scans.

Check Your InBody Scan Progress on our Web App

All InBody 570 & InBody 770 body scan results are available to view on our custom-made MyBodyResults Web App, enabling simple, yet detailed comparisons between body scans to check on your muscle building or fat loss progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rowville Studio InBody Scans - Booking Options

New Client InBody Scan

  • 1 x body composition scan on our studio InBody770
  • Detailed explanation of what your results mean
  • 20 min consultation

Progress/ Follow Up InBody Scan

  • Book a Progress Scan if you've had a body scan with us before on an InBody 770
  • Comparison of previous results
  • 15 min consultation

3 x InBody Scan Pass

  • 3 x body composition scans on our studio InBody 770
  • Detailed explanation and results comparisons
  • 1 x 20 min, 2 x 15 min consultations

InBody 570 Progress InBody Scan

  • For those who want a progress body scan on the InBody 570
  • Comparison of previous results
  • 15 min Consultation

Finding Our InBody Scan Studio

in body scanner

Our Rowville InBody Scans Studio is now upstairs above F45 Rowville.   The front door faces directly out onto Enterprise Drive.

There is free curb side parking available in Enterprise Drive, however please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to find a spot during business hours.